Eleonora Gadducci


Eleonora Gadducci AKA Etè Nocturnes was born August 27, 1989.
Since childhood, Eleonora perceives the world around her in a surreal and dreamlike lens.
She loves to write short stories illustrated by her and poems, with which she is ranked in the top positions in several local and national awards.
In early adolescence, Eleonora is influenced by the decadent atmosphere of "Fleur du mal" Baudelaire's "The Batteux Ivre" Rimbaud and the "Le Spleen de Paris" by Verlaine; from then on they will be the scene where her imagination begins to take its first steps, while her desire for eternal youth, will find her understanding of freedom, a fundamental text: "Le Petit Prince" by Saint Exupery.
The "fruits" of which Eleonora is nourished in her youth, ranging from a cultural movement to another, curious about every facet of art, are music (Italian singer-songwriter, and dark ethereal ambient, celtic music, classical music ancient and rock), movies (first of all the masterpieces of Pier Paolo Pasolini and the wonders of Tim Burton), visual art (Salvador Dalì, Claude Monet, Vincent Van Gogh, Giovanni Boldrini, Victoria Frances) and literature
( Classical Literature, French Decadent, decadent Romanticism, gothic tale, Italian Neorealism, the Beat Generation).
At the age of about fourteen years old, she began to study guitar with which she composed some songs and that will always remain "the companion of her life", along with the camera, a piece of paper to write and a pencil to draw.

" Lighthouse " was published in Pocketfull Magazine / Issue 8 / May 2013, for sale on Amazon


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